Change Management, Organisational Behaviour

  • EIS: Executive Information System
    This is a computer-based multimedia business simulation involving the implementation of organisational change. During the simulation, participants can develop and implement change strategies, select among many different tactics to meet their goal and incrementally change the attitude of the EuroComm managers, influencing their willingness to adopt the proposed innovation.
  • LingHe: The LingHe Simulation models the dynamics of organizational change in a typical Chinese business environment. The simulation aims to stimulate and enhance managers’ understanding of organizational resistance to change and how to more effectively implement changes.  It is an innovative learning tool and technique for improving their understanding of the organizational dynamics and the corresponding knowledge and skill in managing organizational change in a Chinese environment.
  • GulfCom:  The GulfCom Simulation brings to life a realistic scenario in which players explore the difficulties in adopting a change or innovation in an organisation, and includes lessons on how to overcome different forms of individual and organisational resistance to change.  The context is that of the Middle East, and your game mission is to implement the new Performance Management System (PMS) in a somewhat recalcitrant subsidiary of your group, named the “GulfCom.”  In sum, you will have up to 6 months of (simulated) time to convince as many as possible of the 22 members of GulfCom’s top management team to adopt this change.

Collaboration Dilemmas & Dynamics

  • The Eagle Racing Simulation: The EagleRacing Simulation is a video-based management simulation enabling players to experience a number of collaboration dilemmas, face complex team decision making tasks as well as better understand the opportunities and limitations of collaboration technologies in organizations. It provides the basis for highly interactive, collaborative learning experiences which can be deployed within management development programs and events, both online and offline.
Learning, Innovation and Collaboration 2.0
  • Inno Tube is a new online community platform at INSEAD that allows communities to effectively address the emerging needs of connecting people together as it serves to expose them to relevant knowledge resources in different application contexts, all via the latest Web 2.0 technologies.

Finance and Banking

  • The ALCO Challenge: This user-friendly pedagogical simulation is used to discuss Asset and Liability Management, the control of value creation and risk in banking. Participants are grouped into teams, each of which represents the Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) of  one bank. They take various decisions related to pricing, balance sheet management, and off-balance sheet control.  A unique feature of ALCO Challenge is that it includes advanced control tools that help participants to understand the sources of profitability and risks.  It is compliant  with the Basel II capital regulations. ALCO Challenge operates in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • FORAD: The international corporate financial management game
    FORAD is designed to help corporate executives and bankers better understand what it takes to manage the financial position of a multinational industrial corporation
General Management
  • MANAGE: MANAGE is a general management game concerning an industrial company which makes and sells two products on the domestic and export markets. Participants must jointly make the best marketing, financial, production and industrial relations decisions at simulated three month intervals
  • SIGMA Challenge: The SIGMA Challenge is a fully computerised competitive business simulation set in a highly competitive and international environment that requires participants to take a comprehensive and global view of the business to be successful. It allows to see and experience the linkages across strategy, finance, marketing, operations and cross-cultural team dynamics, and to experience first-hand the leadership competencies required to build a high-performing team, an essential attribute of successful companies from start-up to continuing operations.

The SIGMA Challenge core simulation boasts multiple scenarios that can also be easily extended by adding various existing additional modules so as to meet specific training needs and time constraints.

  • Crisis and Consumption Smoothing: The simulation is an exercise in forecasting financial crisis, as well as about making pricing decisions and managing inventory during a crisis. It is targeted at a broad audience which includes senior leaders who are in charge of overall strategy, as well as middle managers responsible for strategy execution.
  • DiG simulation: The purpose of the DiG (Discovery Innovation and Growth) simulation is to create the appropriate competencies, attitudes and behavior to power customer-based growth in a business. It can be used over a period of 2 to 5 hours in graduate or executive programs in marketing, strategy, innovation or leadership. Web-based, it can be used easily with any PC or tablet without local installation.

  • INDUSTRAT: Strategic Industrial Marketing game
    INDUSTRAT is designed to help teach strategic industrial marketing. It allows executives to experience the use and value of strategic market orientation concepts first hand. It mirrors the complexity of the industrial marketing environment, including the dynamics of supplier-customer relationships and the continual evolution of product technologies and applications.
  • INTERCOMP: A simulation of international competition and decision support system
    The simulation takes the participants through the various phases of the international marketing process such as direct exports, contractual entry (licensing) and foreign production and investment (joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries).
  • MARKOPS Online : A marketing training simulation
    The MARKOPS (MARKeting OPerations and Strategy) simulation was designed to help teach the key concepts of marketing both at the operational and strategic levels.
  • MARKPACK: A marketing decision support system
    MARKPACK is an integrated decision support system that includes several modules.
  • MARKSTRAT : A marketing strategy simulation available in B2C Durable Goods, B2C Consumer Goods and B2B versions. Markstrat is a very effective tool for learning strategic concepts such as: brand portfolio strategy, segmentation and positioning strategies, and operational marketing.
  • MAR-PRO: A business game for the consumer goods industry.
  • MINICASES IN MARKETING : This is a compilation of short cases written by participants in INSEAD's MBA programme and has been developed to supplement longer cases, lectures and texts.
  • PENETRATOR : PENETRATOR is a comprehensive approach to forecasting the diffusion and sales of consumer durables.
  • ISP: Interactive Statistical Programmes
    ISP is a set of Interactive Statistical Programmes which aims at improving and facilitating the teaching and learning of statistics
  • BOSS: the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation BOSS is a strategy game that illustrates Blue Ocean Strategy concepts, methodology & tools. Teams manage a fictitious consumer electronics company over a six-year period; they are invited to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of new market space for their virtual company.         
  • MERGER PLAN: The Merger Plan Simulation (© Prendo 1999) is an innovative business simulation designed to develop participants' skills in addressing the challenges and trade-offs typically found in post-acquisition integration planning contexts and other major change management situations, including the consensus building process with a plurality of internal and external stakeholders. It can be run over a half-day (including intro and de-brief), with between six and 60 participants.
  • STRATPHARM: A pharmaceutical business game
    STRATPHARM is a computer-based, industry-specific business simulation to help teach the application of strategy and marketing tools for the pharmaceutical industry.
Supply Chain
  • SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGE: The Supply Chain Challenge is a standalone fully computerised business simulation aiming to show how managing the different phases of the supply chain contributes to financial value creation. Each team is in charge of the supply chain of an agro/food company. Teams will need to make supply chain decisions over 4 periods trying to achieve the best results from a company valuation point of view.
Sustainability Challenge
  • SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE: The Sustainability Challenge is a standalone fully computerised simulation aiming to show what is at stake to build a sustainable company that creates value not only for the shareholders but for the society in general as well. The simulation requires participants to take strategic and operational decisions and to react to a wide range of events inducing them to evaluate the costs/benefits of the different actions envisaged. Participants much achieve financial value creation at the same time as minding the other sustainability factors measuredthrough a corporate social responsibility index.
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