PhD Courses 2013/2014

Advanced Topics in OB/OT / Martin Schweinsberg

Dynamic Programming Applications / Ioana Popescu

Discrete Stochastic Processes / Stephen Chick

Econometrics A / Amine Ouazad

Empirical Asset Pricing / Bernard Dumas

Experimental Design / Steven Sweldens

Financial Economics A / Bernard Dumas

Financial Economics B / Bernard Dumas

Foundations of Strategy and Organization / Guoli Chen

Foundations of Utitlity, Risk and Decision Theory / Mohammed Abdellaoui

Game Theory A / Ehud Lehrer

Industrial Organisation A / Yossi Spiegel

Introduction to Organization Theory / Kaisa Snellman

Introduction to Social Psychology / Zoe Kinias

Microeconomics A / Timothy Van Zandt

Microeconomics B / Vladimir Mares

Micoreoconomics C / Morten Bennedsen

Multivariate Analysis A / Hubert Gatignon

Multivariate Analysis B / Hubert Gatignon

Probability and Statistics B / David Budescu

Quantitative Methods and Marketing Topics / Paulo Albuquerque

Readings and Research on Multinational Enterprise / Subramanian Rangan

Selected Topics in Decision Analysis /Jim Smith

Theories of Business Enterprise / Eric Orts

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