INSEAD Alexis & Anne-Marie Habib Foundation Scholarship


Established in 2006 by Alexis Habib (MBA '81) the Alexis & Anne-Marie Habib Foundation seeks to identify bright, academically talented, disadvantaged high school and university students in Lebanon and to provide them with long-term financial support so that they can maximize their educational potential. The Foundation also offers scholarships at INSEAD for those who aspire to attend a world-class international MBA programme. One scholarship will be awarded per class to a Lebanese candidate with strong academic credentials who demonstrates financial need. The INSEAD scholars will be expected to support the work of the Foundation after INSEAD.


Lebanese nationals with strong academic credentials and demonstrated financial need.

Essay topic :

1).Answer the essay questions under the INSEAD Middle East Scholarship.
2).In approximately 250 words state (a) why you feel an INSEAD MBA is relevant to your particular educational needs (b) your future career objectives.
3).In approximately 300 words provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the year at INSEAD. How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain a scholarship from INSEAD? Why INSEAD should consider you for one of the Middle East scholarships? What amount do you consider appropriate?
4).In approximately 250 words analyse and discuss the requirements for successful business leadership in the Middle East today. Explain how you envisage contributing to the future development of your country after graduation.

Amount of Award:


Application Format:

Submit your application on line through the INSEAD Middle East Scholarship. Finalists can expect an interview with a Foundation trustee during the selection process.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

July 2020 Class:
Round 1:
Applications Open: 22 October 2018
Deadline: 5 November 2018
Round 2:
Applications Open: 17 December 2018
Deadline: 4 January 2019

December 2020 Class:
Round 1:
Applications Open: 25 March 2019
Deadline: 8 April 2019
Round 2:
Applications Open: 20 May 2019
Deadline: 3 June 2019

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