INSEAD Forté Fellowship


The Forte's mission is to substantially increase the number of women business owners and leaders by increasing the flow of women into key educational gateways and business networks. This is achieved with both monetary and mentoring support. As part of its association with Forté INSEAD will fund and award several fellowships a year to outstanding women admitted to the INSEAD MBA programme. Fellows will join the Forté community and enjoy lifelong leadership development opportunities provided specifically for women. INSEAD Forté Fellows will become part of Forté Ambassador Scheme. Fellow ambassadors will serve as campus champions of Forté. They will assist the campus programme administration in communicating important information about Forté in addition to encouraging networking among Forté Fellows on campus. Fellow Ambassadors will assist Forté with grassroots promotion of activities and events.

Forte Foundation


Candidates for the Forté Fellowship should exhibit exemplary leadership in one or more ways: academic leadership; team leadership; community leadership; creative leadership. In addition INSEAD will look for measurable academic and personal achievement as well as involvement in issues related to the advancement of women.

Essay topic :

1).In no more than 300 words explain why you should be the Forte Fellow in your class at INSEAD.
2).Provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the year at INSEAD. How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain a scholarship from INSEAD?( 150-200 words)

Amount of Award:


Scholarship Application Deadline:

July 2020 Class:
Round 1:
Applications Open: 22 October 2018
Deadline: 5 November 2018
Round 2:
Applications Open: 17 December 2018
Deadline: 4 January 2019

December 2020 Class:
Round 1:
Applications Open: 25 March 2019
Deadline: 8 April 2019
Round 2:
Applications Open: 20 May 2019
Deadline: 3 June 2019

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