INSEAD Russian Alumni Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was created by a group of Russian alumni, with Alexei Beltyukov '97D leading the initiative, in support of INSEAD's efforts to attract top talent from Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine to the MBA programme. In 2016 they raised sufficient additional funds to endow the scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates whose educational and professional experience are merit worthy. The alumni wish that the candidates who benefit from their support will return and be successful in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine.


Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian nationals who have already been admitted to the MBA programme or invited for Admissions interviews will be eligible. Candidates whose education and professional experience has a regional focus and who demonstrate a strong potential for success in their countries will be considered. Preference will be given to those residing and working in the region prior to the start of the MBA programme and in particular to candidates who are likely to return to home countries in the foreseeable future. The scholarship will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate that they will benefit from financial assistance.

Essay topic :

Please submit the essays under the INSEAD Diversity Scholarship Group.

Amount of Award:

€20 000

Application Format:

To be considered for this scholarship, please apply under INSEAD Diversity Scholarships.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

Please refer to the INSEAD Diversity Scholarship group deadlines.
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