Automatic qualification for scholarships:

INSEAD Scholarships are the most sought-after source of financial assistance. In each round of Admissions, several Diversity and Achievement Scholarship awards will be made. They do not require an application. Awards will be made based on the Admission application. Diversity Scholarships will be granted to MIM candidates who bring diversity to the class in terms of background and personal profiles. Achievement Scholarships will be granted to candidates who demonstrate excellence in academics and personal accomplishments. Only successful candidates will be notified of an award by email following admission. If you do not receive an e-mail, please consider that you have not been selected.

Application-Based Scholarships:

At INSEAD, diversity is a core element of our culture. Indonesian Alumni and Friends scholarship awards will be made to candidates who are Indonesia citizens who demonstrate outstanding personal achievements and promise that will contribute to the breadth of diversity on the INSEAD MIM programme.

Kung Family Scholarship is open for the exceptional female candidates who have been admitted to the INSEAD MIM Programme and can substantiate their financial need. The scholarship is on offer for the first three Admissions Rounds.

Qinqin and Xin Zhang MIM scholarship is open to candidates who demonstrate academic and personal achievements and can justify financial need.

You can view all available INSEAD scholarships here. The process for applying for scholarships and their deadlines along with other important scholarship considerations are outlined in the Scholarship Application Guide. To submit an application please follow the guidelines and register yourself.
Scholarship awards cannot be transferred to the next Class if under some exceptional circumstances Admissions Committee grants you a deferral. You will need to register and apply with the new cohort.