A Decade of Impact: The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

As the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards marks its first decade, Cartier requested INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative to undertake an assessment of the Awards and the programme behind them. The study was to report on its success in meeting its mission and the impact it has had on the lives and business ventures launched by the entrepreneurs who have participated in it.

The findings of this assessment have been presented at the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai 23-24 February 2016 and is available online in the report: Assessing a Decade of Impact: The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. INSEAD’s comprehensive study was based on a written survey as well as face‑to‑face and telephone interviews with a broad spectrum of participants in the programme during its first decade. The results demonstrate the contribution the Cartier Awards have made to the 162 women entrepreneurs representing 148 businesses in more than 45 countries in all parts of the world.



The 2016 International Social Entrepreneurship Conference: 23-24 Sept. in Hyderabad, India Hyper-Urbanisation: The Global Social Enterprise Challenges


../ISEP%20Reunions,%20Conf%20&%20Mtgs/ISEP-India%20Conf%20&%20Reunion-16/Photos,%20Images%20&%20Logos/India%20Photos/Hyderabad%20Towers-night.jpgCities in every part world are undergoing an unprecedented rate of growth; a rate of growth that presents challenges social entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to address. Hosted by our network of social entrepreneurs across the India, and in partnership with the Indian School of Business, this year’s INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Conference takes up this challenge from the epicentre of this expediential urban growth, examine the opportunities that arise and the innovations emerging in India and worldwide.

The conference will be followed by the annual ISEP reunion for graduates of INSEAD’s renowned Social Entrepreneurship Executive Education Programme (ISEP).


Impact Investment: The Invisible Heart of Markets

Capitalism needs to find its invisible heart if we are to build a prosperous and more sustainable world. This G8 report offers a wonderful synthesis of what we have achieved so far and illuminates the path forward to better align market mechanisms with positive impact. Click here to access the report.

Victoria Kisyombe Receives Global Leadership "Economic Empowerment Award"
 In a gala ceremony on 17 June at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC our own Dr. Victoria Kisyombe (ISEP 2011-Fontainebleau) was awarded the Vital Voices Global Leadership "Economic Empowerment Award" by Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was one of five outstanding and courageous women who were honoured for working to strengthen democracy, increase economic opportunity and protect human rights. Victoria was recognised for her role as founder and CEO of SELFINA (Sero Leasing and Finance) and her work of empowering women's through micro leasing in Tanzania.
Read more on our blog

Impact Investing Reaches The Vatican - Conference: Investing for the Poor

The growth of the Impact Investing sector has attracted the attention of the Catholic Church which is discussing the ways in which the logic, frameworks, and opportunities in impact investing can help the Church in achieving its mission of alleviating poverty worldwide.
Our own Prof. Filipe Santos was the opening speaker at the conference, which took place in Rome June 16-17. The conference web-site provides a complete overview of the conference, knowledge resources about impact investing, and summary of the discussions and conclusions from the gathering. Check:

All the 120 attendees, the majority of which were representatives from Catholic Church organizations, as well as international impact investors and thought leaders  from the sector, were blessed with an audience with Pope Francis. It was an exciting conference for both the mind and soul and a testimony to the growth and potential of impact investing and social entrepreneurship.


Recap of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Conference and Reunion in Brazil! 

This year's INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Conference took place in São Paulo, Brazil on 6-7 May 2014 focusing on social finance and impact business.  INSEAD joined as a strategic partner with three dynamic Brazilian groups, the Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICE), ARTEMISIA, and Vox Capital.  To read more about the event and the reunion that followed, please check out our blog.


MyMind Expanding Access to Mental Health Services

Krystian Fikert (ISEP 2010-Singapore) established MyMind in 2006 in response to a troublesome gap in providing mental health services in Ireland. People suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, relationship issues, and workplace problems found themselves facing long public sector waiting lists or high costs for private services. MyMind provides community-based mental health services drawing on the power of information technology to provide efficient, low-cost help when people need it. It has now teamed up with Twilio, a global communication organisation committed to bringing advanced technologies to non-profit to enhance their work. Read more on our blog.

Meena Vaidyanathan and niiti-Consulting Wins Ashoka Globalizer Economic Inclusion Award 

Congratulations to Meena Vaidyanathan (ISEP 2009-Singapore) founder of  niiti-Consulting for being selected as a winner of the 2014 Ashoka Globalizer,  Economic Inclusion Ecosystem Fund Award for a joint project with Karmany  on “Clearing the Uncertainty of Working in the Social Sector”. The project will develop a web-based tool kit to address the crying need for talent management in the social sector and the need to build a pipeline and a process to address individual basis.

Niiti has recognized that there is a crying need for talent management in the social sector but many number of social enterprises lack the resources to build a pipeline and a process on an individual basis. In response, Karmany and niiti have joined together in the hope of developing a web-based tool kit that helps social organizations assess and evaluate their talent management needs. In addition, it equips professionals with the information and tools to make informed career transitions into the social sector on the other. The tool seeks to serve as a platform to spur competition within the industry, and collective sharing that brings a far larger awareness of the credibility of the social sector to non-industry professionals.

For further information see the niiti-Consulting web site and Facebook page.

Rustam Sengupta selected 2014 Echoing Green Fellow 

Rustam Sengupta (MBA'08D) was selected for Echoing Green’s Global Fellowship programme which recognises social entrepreneurs from around the world working to disrupt the status quo for positive change. Rustam is the founder and CEO of Boond, a social enterprise that creates a sustainable ecosystem for sales and servicing of energy access products and services in India.
Boond creates a sustainable ecosystem for clean energy access through sales of solar systems financed by rural banks and micro finance institutions and serviced by trained local technicians. The Boond model eliminates the initial cost barrier that hinders the penetration of renewable energy products in remote poor areas and ensures that the systems last for the requisite life through reliable after sales service. Over the past two years, we have installed over 7500 systems in some of the remotest parts of India for rural businesses, micro-grids based charge stations, schools and milk diaries other than individual households.

Rustam Sengupta is an expert on design and data analysis for products and services for the BoP. He has consulted to numerous universities and institutions on market entry and emerging market economics and won numerous and more importantly has impacted the lives of over 75,000 people in villages of India over the past two years. Rustam is an INSEAD MBA graduate and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. Echoing Green’s Global Fellowship is a twenty-five year-old program for smart young leaders who are deeply connected to the needs and potential solutions that may work best for their communities. It selects high-potential social entrepreneurs from around the world working create a disruptive change to the status quo. Twenty-two individuals were awarded fellowships in 2014 and will receive a stipend and benefits over the two-year period of the Fellowship, professional development, leadership gatherings, coaching and mentoring plus access to technical support.




Nominate Participants for 2014 ISEP

The first participants have been selected and admitted for this year’s six-day INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) and it is proving to be another exceptional cohort. Now in its tenth year, it will, again bring together some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs from all parts of the world.

The sessions scheduled in Fontainebleau (16-21 November 2014)

and Singapore (30 November-5 December 2104).

This year brings new faculty, speakers, and cases making it one of the richest programmes ever. Read more on our blog

More Information about the ISEP programme.





2015 The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum on the 21 May in Fontainebleau!

The 2015 INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum, "Entrepreneurial Networks: The Network Advantage" will be taking place on our Europe campus on May 21.

Speakers will include Geoff Ralston (MBA '92D), founder and partner of the educational technology accelerator Imagine K12 and a partner at Y Combinator as Keynote, Charlotte Mason (INSEAD GEMBA ‘07), Co-Chair of the INSEAD UK Alumni Entrepreneur Group, Anat Bar-Gera (INSEAD MBA '87D), Co-founder and Chairperson of YooMee Africa, and INSEAD Professors Henrich Greve, Vikas Aggarwal, and Michelle Rogan, among others.

To get more information about the programme and access early-bird tickets, click here.


Global Impact Forum (GIF), on October 7-8, 2015 in Zurich!

"The Global Impact ForumTM is a two-day partnering event with a uniquely forward-looking and outcomes-oriented design. The forum presents exceptional social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to an audience of potential partners.  Connections are made using an efficient system that allows attendees to screen potential partners and pre-arrange one-to-one meetings. Carefully curated presentations, high-level speakers and an exciting mix of participants make attending the Global Impact Forum a powerful experience." Learn more about the event here


2014 Global Impact Forum (GIF)

The Global Impact Forum is an annual event which supports the creation of transformative solutions to the world's most pressing social challenges through partnerships and investment. The 2014 edition of the forum was held in Zurich on October 8-9. Check out the Forum's participants and presentations here.





The INSEAD Social Impact Catalyst engages MBA students through an integrated sequence of events and workshops, networking opportunities, and projects.

We are always looking for new speaker engagements, MBA project and internship opportunities and networking partners.

Please visit our events page here. And contact Christine Driscoll Goulay for more information about the programme.

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JASJIT SINGH joined INSEAD as a faculty member 10 years ago and regularly teaches in INSEAD's MBA, PhD, EMBA and Executive programmes. He has also been involved in programmes for many companies, government organizations and organizations focused on societal impact (UN Women and INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme).

Jasjit has joined the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Team!


More Information about Jasjit >>>


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In Loving Memory of Manuel Forjaz

Dear friends of the ISEP Community,

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Manuel Forjaz has passed away this week, at the age of 50, after a 5-year battle with cancer . Manuel was one of the pioneers from ISEP 1 in 2005, which was when I first met him (and it was because of him that I became engaged with social entrepreneurship activities at INSEAD).

For those who knew him and loved him, we know he was an extraordinary human being. Avid seeker of new knowledge, a relentless entrepreneur and social entrepreneur, one of the most engaged members of our ISEP community, a friend of his friends, Manuel lived his life with passion and generosity.

As a social entrepreneur in Portugal, he brought the concept of “Adopt Child”, organized the largest TEDX event in the world, co-founded the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and led the national association to promote young entrepreneurs. He was a pro-bono  mentor and coach to countless entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

He was also a fun-loving person, always the first to organize the ISEP reunion social events. We watched the sun rise in Istanbul, Berlin and Madrid, in the after-party of the ISEP reunions. He loved nothing more than an engaged conversation among friends during breakfast, after a night-out dancing.

More remarkable, was the way he lived his final years. In the last two years, as he fought his illness in all ways possible and became an expert in cancer, he reached out to many people with cancer to share his experiences. He collected 70,000 friends in Facebook, launched a TV show and several interviews, and published a best-selling book called “Never get distracted from life” the month before he died. He touched countless people who found in him a source of courage and inspiration to fight their own illnesses. He said in his interviews – “I may die from cancer but the cancer will never kill me”. He lived his life to the fullest potential until the very end.

Manuel was a force of Nature and a true social entrepreneur. Through his example and inspiration he won his battle. His memory will forever be with us.

Good bye dear friend and thank you for all that you have given us.

Filipe Santos

Filipe Santos

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Academic Director - Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Business School for the World




INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship: The Launch of A Social Impact Catalyst for Passionate MBA's

The INSEAD Social Impact Catalysthas been launched The goals of the Catalyst are to make INSEAD the most attractive business school for MBA students who are passionate about social entrepreneurship and to create a central, thriving network linking current MBAs with INSEAD alumni and other industry players involved in social entrepreneurship. Through an integrated sequence of events and workshops, networking opportunities, and projects that will engage MBA students from the start of the programme at INSEAD, we hope that the Catalyst will allow students to understand social entrepreneurship, expand their potential for impact, and act effectively on their social entrepreneurship interests and passions. This program will be seamlessly integrated into the formal MBA curricula of courses and events. Please contact Christine Driscoll Goulay, for more information at In her role as Associate Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, she will be heading up the Catalyst and tying in individuals from our vast and impressive network, including current MBAs, faculty, alumni, participants of our ISEP program, and partners.

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The Social Entrepreneur: Getting Results where Angels Fear to Tread is the role of social entrepreneurship in society? How are social entrepreneurs different from commercial entrepreneurs, social activists or charitable work? Our academic director, Professor Filipe Santos published an INSEAD working paper called "A Positive Theory of Social Entrepreneurship", in which he tackles these issues. He proposes a new conceptual framework for social entrepreneurship based on newly published case studies on Banco Compartamos and Gram Vikas. Read more..

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Partner's activities and Events


INSEAD has developed a partnership with the Impact Hub in Singapore to deliver the Social Entrepreneurship bootcamp (using the INSEAD manual and methodology) called “Powered by INSEAD” . The facilitators of the bootcamp, Grace Sai and Raya Papp have both mentored during the INSEAD bootcamp, so they know firsthand the ins and outs of the teaching methodology.  They are really unbelievable people with a wealth of experience. The Impact Hub social entrepreneurship bootcamp “Powered by INSEAD” also brings in experts from Singapore to help teach, mentor and judge. It is a great programme.

They will be running their next bootcamp during the weekend of August 1-3. If you are interested in attending, here is the link to the sign up page before the 15th of and they have also created a microsite with more info here:


LGT Venture Philanthropy ICats Programme Taking Applications

LGT-VP’s  ICat Fellows bring professional expertise to social ventures in which it is prepared to make an impact investment. This unique fellowship programme is recruiting for a new cohort of participants now. Applications are due 31 July. For more information follow this web link.

Jasjit Singh (India)

Associate Professor of Strategy


The Shell Fellow in Business and the Environment


Academic Director, INSEAD Social Impact Initiative


Co-Director, Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP)

Hans Wahl



Executive Director, INSEAD Social Impact Initiative


Co-Director, Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP)

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