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INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme: A Thriving and Dynamic Global Network

Some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs from over 30 countries participated in INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) In Fontainebleau and Singapore in 2009. Our flagship executive education programme experienced its strongest demand to date and benefited from an extraordinary pool of talent and diversity. Both the sessions received among the highest ratings of any INSEAD executive programme. Participants praised the programme with 96 percent rating it as very good or excellent. Read more in the evaluation report 2009.


A generous donation from INSEAD alumna Gabriele Quandt

We are happy to announce a generous donation (October 2009) to the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative from INSEAD alumna Gabriele Quandt MBA'85. The “Gabriele Quandt Fund for Social Entrepreneurship” will help support our work in building a vibrant INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Progamme (ISEP) alumni network in the coming years. Thank you Gabriele for making our work possible! Read more on our network...

New to the team of INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship

We have the great pleasure of welcoming Christine Driscoll to the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship team. Christine will be joining as Associate Director in January 2010. With an INSEAD MBA (2006) and professional experience in social entrepreneurship organisations, she will focus on launching new initiatives and collaborations with INSEAD students, alumni and partner corporations. Her time will be split between the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Social Innovation Centre. Read more...

ISEP participant awarded "Best Humanitarian Project 2009"!

Graduates from our flagship executive education programme continue to receive awards for their work in developing a better world. The founder and director of Youth Action for Change, Selene Biffi (ISEP 2007) was awarded the prestigious "Best Humanitarian Project of 2009" for her "Forgotten Diaries" project. Youth Action for Change (YAC) is a global, youth-led organisation inspiring and empowering young people worldwide to become active agents of change in their own communities. Read more...

Social Entrepreneurship Programme: In the business of positive change!

In response to growing demand, INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) was expanded to both our Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses. 62 accomplished, inspired and energetic social entrepreneurs from five continents, representing 31 different nationalities completed this year’s. Each one brought their own vision of how to change the world through social entrepreneurship and now bring a new dynamism to the ISEP Network.

The dates for ISEP in 2009 are:
France: 16-20 November in Fontainebleau
Singapore: 30 November-4 December

INSEAD's Social Entrepreneurship Conference & Alumni Reunion.. An inspiring success!

The annual ISEP Alumni Conference & Reunion 2009 took place in Paris on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June 2009. The event was launched with an opening reception on Thursday evening 25th June. A full-day public conference took place on Friday for INSEAD Alumni, social entrepreneurs business and community leaders and the general public. It included speakers, panels, workshops and plenty of opportunities for networking with leading innovators in the field. Saturday was devoted to the annual ISEP member sessions and workshops. Read more...

APOPO wins Skoll Award!

APOPO trains “sniffer” rats to save human lives. It developed an innovative technique to train giant East African pouched rats to use their keen sense of smell to detect landmines. Apopo then extended the training so that rats would be able to detect TB bacteria in human sputum samples. Their work has been recognised through numerous honours, most recently with a 2009 Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Award. Read more...

The Skoll World Forum wraps up in Oxford

The “long tail” of the largest gathering of social entrepreneurs brought many leading ISEP alumni together with other leading innovators, academics and funders. Over 700 delegates from more than 60 countries spent three exhilarating days together at the Said Business School at Oxford University. You can see and be a part of it by checking out the videos, blogs and Tweets on the Forum Web Site. Follow links at the bottom for plenaries, workshops and discussions. Read more...

Social Entrepreneur Focus: CID Consulting

On the outskirts of Cairo sits Mokattam Hills where the Zabbaleen –or garbage people – live. The streets are heaped high with solid waste. But the huge piles have been sorted into plastics, textiles, and glass. Greater Cairo’s 60,000 Zabbaleen, a Coptic Christian community of formerly landless and unemployed peasants who migrated to the capital 50 years ago, gather one third of the city’s 10,000 tons of daily garbage. Laila Iskandar has worked with the Zabbaleen since 1982, introducing innovative social and environmental initiatives that have included recycling as much as 80% of the inorganic waste into raw materials and manufactured goods – plastics, rugs, pots, paper and glass. As a result, garbage collectors have begun to break the cycle of poverty. Read more...

Click here to watch the video.

Unique projects for meaningful change
International Development Field Projects (IDFP) course offers participants a unique opportunity to undertake a real 16-week project for a client organization. Impactful, social and economic change is at the heart of these remarkable projects. Students challenge their project design, planning and management skills through practical experience. The current economic climate and the fast moving environment has increased the need for MBA’s with experience in regions that are under-developed economically. Projects prop osed are specific to the client organizations’ needs (both companies and NGOs) and a priority they have identified. INSEAD MBA's have already contributed to the launch and scaling up of some of the most exciting new social and business ventures through these projects. Read more…
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