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INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme: A Thriving and Dynamic Global Network

Some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs from over 30 countries participated in INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) In Fontainebleau and Singapore in 2010.

"I enjoyed discussing the mindsets of individual social entrepreneurs and what makes them different from others. At the base of the discussion on mindsets were different skills of discovery and delivery. It was interesting to compare our individual results with those of other colleagues on interestingly designed individual and group charts.

Finally, the most interesting part of the executive programme was the tension between the social and commercial goals of our enterprises. Clearly, there is no one model that calms this tension as different things work in different environments. Still, I think these discussions were groundbreaking and many of us went home with a profoundly different way of looking at the work we are doing."

Zoran Puljic, Director, Mozaik Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Regional Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Central and Eastern Europe, 2009

INSEAD Alumni EMBA Social Entrepreneurs Scholarship

INSEAD and its EMBA alumni offer a Social Entrepreneurs Scholarship for self financed executives participating in the Global EMBA programme beginning October 2010. We define social entrepreneurs as individuals who address pressing social problems through innovative and sustainable business solutions. They usually focus on creating value for disadvantaged segments of the population and develop solutions that can be scaled up and achieve significant societal impact.


A Success Story! 5th ISEP Conference and Reunion: "Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change"


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Change and Exchange were the keywords for the annual ISEP Conference and alumni Reunion which took place in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June 2010. The conference co-organised by INSEAD and Sabanci University, was set at Sabanci University's Museum with its breathtaking view of the historic Bosphorus and the western gateway to Asia less than a kilometer away. Over 240 people from both continents, as well as Africa, the Americas and the Middle East brought global and local perspective to social entrepreneurship. More information on the Conference and Reunion will be available soon. Meanwhile, watch the video compilation below, created by Serra Titiz - Mikado Consulting (ISEP 2009) and Ercan Tutal - Alternative Life Association (ISEP 2006). The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Network is now comprised of over 200 people from 38 countries, five continents.

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Alvin's Guide to Good Business

Alvin Hall sitting in a fieldWall Street veteran Alvin Hall, travels the world to put a new breed of businessmen and women who say they are more interested in doing good than making money to the test. Alvin meets the Social Entrepreneurs who strive to change the way the world works. He sets out challenges to their business practices and returns in 6 months to see if the social entrepreneurs can deliver the results. Read more on Alvin's Guide to Good Business. BBC World News launched the new weekly television series on 13 February 2010 and has featured the work of eight senior social entrepreneurs around the globe. So far, two ISEP network members have been featured; Apopo (with Christophe Cox ISEP '08) and International Development Enterprises (IDE) (with Dhananjay Singh ISEP ’08).

Click here to watch the video on Apopo.

Click here to watch the video on International Development Enterprises.
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