Social Entrepreneurship in Research

The social entrepreneur: getting results where angels fear to tread

What is the role of social entrepreneurship in society? How are social entrepreneurs different from commercial entrepreneurs, social activists or charitable work? Our academic director, Professor Filipe Santos has published an INSEAD working paper called “A Positive Theory of Social Entrepreneurship”, where he tackles these issues. You can read a summary of these ideas in INSEAD Knowledge. “Social entrepreneurs see a problem that they feel compelled to solve, show the world a solution, and start implementing it,” says Santos. “They deploy it through entrepreneurial action and get others engaged and interested in helping – unlike social activists who may use force and political pressure to achieve their goals.” Read more...

The proposed conceptual framework is supported by newly published case studies on Banco Compartamos and Gram Vikas. The teaching case “Social versus Commercial Markets: The Compartamos Debate and the Battle for the Soul of Microfinance” discusses the implications of choosing a more commercial versus more social orientation to address societal problems. Read more about our research areas...

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