ISEP Graduate Wins Young Ideas Changing the Country Award
In December 2007, Selene Biffi won the national Italian contest called 'Giovani Idee Cambiano l'Italia' (Young Ideas Changing the Country). She was awarded this after submitting a business plan for a new social enterprise offering immigrants a job and a way to integrate into their hosting communities. This was the first social venture of this kind in Italy.
Description: the competition is promoted and coordinated by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for youth policies and sports with the aim to promote and support, through the provision of grants for the implementation of innovative projects, capacity planning and creative youth. Under this initiative, intends to finance the best design ideas in the areas of:
In particular, the specific targets of areas eligible are:
A) Technological innovation: The objective of this theme is to contribute to the revival of a culture oriented to science and technology, with specific reference to the development of innovative software. It will then admit here inventions, process, and communication (e-content), which represent innovative solutions to individual or collective problems.
B) Social utility and civil commitment; The purpose of this is to reward the creativity of young people applied to the objectives of solidarity, voluntary service to local communities and civil commitment.
C) Sustainable development; The objective of this theme is to support the creation of innovative solutions to reduce pressures on the environment, also with reference to the cultural heritage and environment.
D) Management of urban and territorial for the quality of life of young people; The purpose of this is to reward design ideas of young people to improve the lives of young people. "This area collects projects which contribute to solving problems common to young people, such as access to housing, credit, resources for training, and the reconciliation of time working with the personal time

In Selene's words; "The idea I presented, 'Più che Parole' (Italian for 'More than Words'), will tackle multiculturalism and language barriers at a national level, providing services to newly-arrived immigrants. In 2007, Italy ranked first among all countries for the number of immigrants we welcome, with a 21% increase from 2006.
The services Più che Parole will provide will help them better integrate in their hosting communities and have access to dedicated opportunities and more."